The First of Many

Hope you all have been doing well! I woke up this morning inspired.

I really miss my old PornoBot brand. It was such a blast to talk marketing/branding every single day and working with Sex Workers to revitalize their branding and produce the strongest ROI possible! That’s what life has always been about to me; giving back and working with others to rise to the top.

Since Quinn and I rebranded from our old handles and became @Bubbl3AndSqueak, a porn couple, it’s been a blast. We’ve already broken the top 100 Producers AND Newcummers on ManyVids within our first month back on the site! We’re also ManyVids exclusive now, so if you want to see our content, that is literally the only place it is going to be (I’ll explain our new brand in future posts and why we’ve done this).

Link to porn: Bubbl3AndSqueak.ManyVids.com

Ever since we’ve been back, we’ve been having a lot of fun, but personally, I’ve had this non-stop itch to get back into writing. Quinn says I should be a teacher or author, but that’s a story for another time.

So to my old 3800+ subscribers, I’m sorry we disappeared so suddenly! After we ended Quinn’s solo accounts we needed to remove PornoBot to remove the SEO and optimization we placed inside of it and rather then spend days resetting links and keywords it was easier to just pull the plug.

This time around, I want to focus on some really interesting concepts, some more advanced concepts. Like I’ll still include the basics for new readers and refreshes on concepts you may already know, but this time I also want to dive more into theories and concepts surrounding the consumer and economic trends.

I also am creating a separate section of the blog to highlight models/companies who inspire us and such. There are some AMAZING people in this business who deserve recognition. In this section we’ll post reviews, social/industry commentary, etc.

So let’s get to it! Be sure to subscribe to the blog with your email so you get each post sent right to you! And always, check us out on Twitter: @Bubbl3AndSqueak.

Have a lucrative day!


1 comment on “The First of Many

  1. bobby0159

    Happy that you’re back!!

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