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Bubbl3AndSqueak – A Rebranding Story

I want to cover something a little more high concept from basic branding/marketing and do it in the form of a personal story this time! If you recall our last brand QuinnT3ss3ntial, you’ll immediately notice changes between that and our new brand @Bubbl3AndSqueak.

Let’s recap the old QT brand to cover our bases. First my standard target audience disclaimer.

Targeted marketing produces a focused, targeted result. You can narrow in on trends, adapt vocabulary and slang, etc. By targeting a segment of the market you are NOT excluding people outside of the target from participating, you are merely focusing on hitting that specific audience. Never use marketing/branding as an excuse to discriminate, your audience WILL call you out.

With the QT brand we were targeting:

  • Cis Males
  • Age 25-45
  • Seeking companionship and virtual relationship
  • Seeking conversation and human interaction
  • Above average income (based on location)
  • Fan of music, tattoos, etc.

It was a pretty generic target audience for the brand that we were working to build and it definitely brought us success. It was a sustainable income that we were living well on. I avoid using the term comfortably, because well, that brand did have us working relentlessly around the clock. Quinn specifically was working 12-16 hour days nonstop, managing 5+ platforms, making content, etc (she is a powerhouse and I envy her work ethic).

This was our day to day for months and it wore both of us down to the point of exhaustion. That exhaustion prevented us from thinking clearly. That lack of acumen prevented us from pushing further. We hit a plateau and stayed there. Making a decent amount of money, but grinding for every penny. Then it dawned on us.

“We’re Insane”

You’ve probably heard this in one form or another, “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results.” Well, for weeks we did the same things over and over again and, as we should have expected, nothing changed.

Finally it clicked for both of us one day and we both realized what we had done wrong. We stretched ourselves way too thin and it was resulting in our inability to innovate and meet the trends which was the whole reason we were finding success to begin with.

What we quickly realized is that in shifting our focus from creativity and innovation we instead focused on a list of tasks we had to knock out every week. Quinn was still grinding out new video ideas every single week, but we weren’t looking to further the brand itself. This stagnation in the brand was tiring and we were both mentally burnt out. It was this realization that made us both realize what we had to do.

Burn It Down

When you stretch yourself to thin there’s no way to juggle everything you’re holding. From 7am until about 11pm, Quinn would be juggling her solo sex work business. I was gone from 8am-6pm at my day job where the most I could do was Retweet posts and blog. When I’d get home my brain would be fried and the most I’d usually be able to do was edit a little content while Quinn was working on content posts or new ideas. It was ridiculous how long we (and I can’t stress this enough, how incredibly and diligently Quinn specifically) were working. I almost feel bad saying we there because my 4-5 hours a day didn’t stack up to her 12-16. I’m still incredibly proud of her tenacity.

Then while I was at work one day I got a text from her saying she was done and wanted to stop. It was a little heart-wrenching to be honest. Like we invested so much time, energy, and well, everything into this. The literal cum, sweat, and tears it takes to do Sex Work.

One thing my marriage has taught me, and is still teaching me on a regular basis, is to be a good listener to your partner. When Quinn said she was done, that meant we were done. That day was painful. We spent hours dismantling sites and platforms. Pulling the plug on the old Porn0Bot blog actually took me 30 minutes of staring at the screen thinking of how many hours I had put into crafting that. 3800 followers on a blog with daily interactions, 100% organically was something I was really proud of, but with every post back-linking to Quinn’s content and every image optimized to rank Quinn’s name on Google/Yahoo/Bing, it had to go.

We took everything we built and destroyed it ourselves; Quinn’s 20k+ followers, 10k followers on her camsite, her solo MV, SextPanther, AmateurPorn, etc. It was cleansing in a weird way. We said goodbye to our circle of friends and burned it down to the ground. Instantly we both felt this pressure release from us.

Pub Food and the Birth of an Empire

We were at an English pub a bit later and I ordered a french dip with an Old Fashion (Maker’s Mark with 1/2 simple syrup in case you’re wondering my drink). Quinn was sipping a glass of Rosé and eating a (drumroll please) Bubble and Squeak. For those who aren’t familiar, a Bubble and Squeak is a British dish made of potatoes, cabbage, and other misc. vegetables.

A Bubble and Squeak. Trust us, it’s worth it.

We started chatting about Sex Work and what we’d do differently with all the knowledge we now had and the experience now under our belt. We started joking a little and said we should make a couple’s account and pursue this 100% as a team. We were already a “power couple” and we feed off each other’s energy so it started to make sense. Then the name came into question. We had already burned Quinnt3ss3ntial and Porn0Bot. It would be disingenuous to return to those brands.

So we started thinking and as we looked around the room I saw the dish in front of Quinn and just said, “what about Bubble and Squeak?” And with that, we were back. For the record, I’m Bubble, she’s Squeak!

The Exclusive Experience

Let’s get into the cabbage and potatoes (see what I did there?) and talk about what we’re doing differently this time! After all, we’re a 100% exclusive brand now!


Exclusivity does not mean we are excluding customers from our product/service offerings, as stated above. It means that our experience is an exclusive experience you won’t get anywhere else. Think about it like this. When you want something you, say a new TV, you go to a store/website like Best Buy and get the price, then you go to Walmart and get the price, then Amazon, and so on. You’re shopping for the best price of that TV. Inclusive offering often becomes a pricing game.

In sales, pricing conversations mean you’re loosing control over the sale. As soon as a buyer believes they have enough control over the situation to negotiate or request discounts/free you have lost your power. Remember sales is not a numbers game, that’s telemarketing, sales is a game of power.

Probably the greatest example of exclusive branding can be found with Mercedes Benz advertisements.

Now, what about an exclusive product? Say the only restaurant in town serving authentic gelato or Jimmy Choo releasing a limit run of a new heel. A few things happen:

  • In terms of supply and demand, you’ve directly limited supply, thus the demand that already exists is heightened due to scarcity.
  • In terms of value, the value of a product/service goes up when the supply of said product/service is limited and in high demand.
  • In terms of brand recognition, consumers are more likely to remember a luxury experience.

Bubbl3AndSqueak is only found on ( and Twitter (@Bubbl3AndSqueak). You will not be able to find our porn elsewhere.

But Why?

It almost seems counter-intuitive right? We’re purposefully limiting our possible sources of cashflow. Well… we’re doing this for the same reason why there’s always a wait for that Gelato Restaurant and Jimmy Choo Limited Editions sell for $1-2k more than a regular pair you’d get at Niemen’s. We are currently bringing in the same income with one account we did stretching ourselves too thin on 5 sites, solely through exclusive branding working ~60% less. Can’t beat the cold hard facts, Jack. It should also be noted that we’ve done this in ~1.5 months (admittedly, we do have some carryover fans from the QT brand which is partially responsible for the quick rise) . Now we just also have the time, energy, and creativity to constantly innovate and grow our brand.

Now, I didn’t write this just to flex. I’m proud of what we’ve been able to do with a complete bounce-back, but that’s not why I’m bringing this all up. Exclusivity is a powerful tool in business, you don’t use it to discriminate people from your brand, but rather create a powerful impact with your customers.

Since going exclusive:

  • We have received almost double the amount of custom requests per week as before.
  • We have more time to enjoy ourselves and in that enjoyment, we’re our most creative and productive.
  • We don’t argue with fans anymore, either they go to MV or they get ignored. You meet OUR terms, there are no exceptions, less the exclusivity is lost instantly.
  • Creating marketing content, specifically tweets, is incredibly easier with the new brand.
  • We have fans that have told us we are the only sex workers they follow/support, which is the ultimate compliment to an exclusive brand. Residual income is key to success in any business. It is approximately 5x more expensive (in terms of labor and resources) to land a new client over retaining an existing. As such, we’ve had to step up our level of customer service (early delivery on customs, discount codes for first time buyers, additional reciprocity, etc.)
Ok.. we’re flexing a little bit. Our new exclusive brand allows it. We’re developing an experience that will be unique, memorable, and sustainable.

Now, you could emulate our branding requirements to the letter and still have a different level of success. Your brand is unique and only you will know the best option for it. I’m merely explaining what we did to have success.

Exclusive branding requires patience and a lot of willpower to stick to your guns. I encourage everyone looking to change their marketing approach to do the research first. It also may not be for you! Not everything in digital marketing/branding will work for every brand. Test the waters before you dive in.

Developing the exclusive experience

So if you’re still reading you’re probably waiting for me to explain how we created this so quickly. Well, exclusive branding/marketing is actually pretty simple to start, but the difficulty is in maintaining the exclusivity. Here’s several tips:

First, develop a finite brand. Know what you specifically are aiming for, you can’t hit exclusivity without having a clear-cut concept of your experience. An exclusive experience has to be developed fully to attract buyers of that caliber. You can adjust your brand as you evolve, but have a baseline established.

Part of developing a brand is developing the target market, and with exclusivity, it’s even more important to flesh your audience out completely before approaching them. Unlike the QT brand I will not be outlining our audience for you. I apologize, but part of exclusive branding is learning which cards to hold back and which to place on the table. I will say that, exclusive buyers will do what it takes to get the specific content they want. Therefore, with exclusivity, you have the ability to direct your buyers to specific sites and platforms. If you can get a buyer to create an account solely to see you, you better believe they’ll be an active buyer.

Be bold in your branding. What’s the Mercedes Benz tagline? “The Best or Nothing.” It’s pretentious as hell, but (first time on the new blog!) people need to follow an instinctual impulse to be part of something larger than themselves. We all have a “cult-like” mentality, which is why we flock to influencers on social media. It’s ok to brag and flaunt when your branding allows for it, in fact, exclusivity demands it.

My personal favorite example of MBUSA smacking you in the face with exclusivity and luxury. What’s the call to action? “We’ve made the choice for you, just come get it.” That is powerful, cocky branding right there.

Lastly, use the FUGI sales method. Remember the Porn0Bot blog? I did that article about real, practical sales tactics and tools to convert buyers? We covered AIDA, ABC, SPIN, SNAP, and then FUGI. I disclaimed FUGI for the QT brand as it is a really aggressive tactic and the inclusive brand we were creating didn’t allow it.

Now, all bets are off and FUGI is the go-to. If you’re a new reader:

  • F – Fear of Loss (Buy now or it’s gone forever)
  • U – Sense of Urgency (We have so many customs to do, we may be able to fit yours, but you have to place it before another comes in)
  • G – Greed (See how many sales I’m making? I don’t need your sale so buy or leave)
  • I – Indifference (We’re MV Exclusive, so either create an account or GTFO!)

See, it’s aggressive, but with exclusivity, it works! Your buyers are a different type of consumers! In fact, FUGI is more about weeding out non-buyers as opposed to twisting arms of buyers to make a sale. See an exclusive buyer will actually respond positively to being enticed whereas a non-buyer will focus only on their needs. Greed and indifference are used mainly with non-buyers. Fear and Urgency are used with existing. Urgency is also dictated by our sheer demand as well. Once you have an exclusive buyer, sustaining them doesn’t require any real tactic aside from maintaining quality assurance over the product/service offering. Brand loyalty is a powerful tool!

Same sales article I broke down the different types of buyers, e.g. the whale, the piker, the penny pincher, the regular, the fanboy, etc. With exclusive branding you’ll find your market easier to manage and sift through to find buyers. Buyers of exclusive experiences are often: the whale, the binger, or, my personal favorite, the acolyte. Acolytes follow and support brands they enjoy almost compulsively (e.g. sports fans, political parties, music fans). It’s more about levels of access to the brand then actually buying the product/service.

Since I know some of our fans read this, please note we think like this only to provide you with content that continuously meets your expectations of us! We’re not trying to say anything more then “recognize your buyers and tailor content towards them.” Y’all are incredible and nothing would exist without any of you! We love you!

I could probably spend hours talking about how we’ve altered the brand and it’s new requirements to make this happen. For instance, we use the Ink Free font for our title images and watermarks, Tahoma for our generic text. White for watermarketing, pinks/purples for messaging. Yellow as an accent. It gets insanely deep and it’s all designed to do 1 specific thing:

Develop an experience that no one can receive from any other seller, which makes the buyer crave constantly and do anything it takes to get more.

Consider exclusivity if you believe you’re stretched to thin. Fair warning, it’s not for everyone and your income will most likely take a hit while you’re building it up. Exclusivity takes time and I’ll be the first to admit it was so seamless for us since we already had a supportive, exclusive relationship with several top buyers.

No matter what, you know my motto: be unapologetic. Your brand is yours to mold and anyone who tells you otherwise is simply ignorant. Trust your gut.

Have a lucrative day!
– Evan

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