Twitter, like all social media platforms, like to shake things up at a moments notice and change it’s layout/format. If you can stay on top of these changes your content will always look amazing and your page will continue to be optimized!

To optimize images for Twitter, simply create images to mirror this exact aspect ratio. You don’t necessarily have to follow the specific pixel counts, but match the ratios. If you do it right your content will appear uncropped on your audience’s Home screen! Like this! (This is a screenshot from my home feed on the Twitter iOS app).

See how you can see the whole image (save minor visibility on the corner, where the lines intersect)? That’s what image optimization for social media is all about! The full cheat sheet is below. Now get out there and make Twitter look good!

Disclaimer, these may update from time to time and I’ll be editing this content to reflect changes. I won’t be able to update everything in real time so this content may not always be 100% current. Please review the dates in each section to use the most up-to-date.

Sept. 2019

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