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Sex Work Marketing Toolbox P.1 – Mobile Apps

Hello! I feel like a lot of my posts start this way…

Back in the old blog I had this epic piece about the software and apps Quinn and I use to manage our Sex Work business. We use A LOT of different programs for different needs. So I’m going to showcase everything we use, what it’s used for, and a little on how to use each one!

Now we use a combination of mobile and PC apps, but since we use 28 different phone apps for our Sex Work business, I want to only focus on mobile apps.

Here are all the phone apps we’re currently using! I’ll explain them all beneath the image. To enlarge, click the image to open the gallery!

So I’m sure 50% of you have done the math and are saying, “But PornoBot…that’s only 27 apps.” I know! I can count. There’s 1 app I don’t keep in this folder and I want to highlight it all on it’s own.

Dashlane – My Go-To VPN

Dashlane has improved my life in so many ways! First of all it’s a digital password vault. You have to remember ONE password and Dashlane stores all of your password data in it! What’s more is when you log into a website, and have Dashlane, you just have to remember that single password! You’ll be prompted to enter it and then you’ll auto log-in to whatever site you’re on! On the mobile app you have to manually select to use Dashlane, but it’s still amazingly fast. There’s even more!

Dashlane also has tools and features like strong password generators, notifying you if a service you use has had a breech, and it even audits your passwords and helps you replaced reused passwords/strengthen your online security! You can store almost anything from passwords, payment methods, addressed, etc. Anything to speed up your online activity!

Everything I mentioned above is available 100% for free simply by creating a Dashlane account here!

So why am I paying $60 a year for it? Well 2 reasons:

  1. The paid version allows you to sync your various devices so if I create a password for a site on my PC, that password immediately gets stored onto my phone, iPads, and second PC. It makes life so much easier when you never have to try to remember a password!
  2. The second reason I pay for it, is simple. Dashlane is one of the most user-friendly and powerful mobile VPNs I’ve ever used! The best part is if you pay for the service, all the devices that you’ve connected have access to the VPN.

I cannot recommend Dashlane enough! Go check it out!

Video/Photo Editing Apps

Probably our most used apps in this collection are the photo/video apps. We edit almost all of our content in Adobe Premiere and Adobe Photoshop on the PC, but sometimes you need something quick and easy to make things happen!

A lot of people find one and just use that entirely, but in my experience, each app for photo/video editing is a unique program that has it’s own benefits and use. Therefore, we use several consistently!

Let’s start with Photos:

Photo Apps

There are really only 3 we’re using these days (again, most of our photos go into the PC version of Photoshop or another Adobe Creative Cloud program called Lightroom.) So they are:


While Snapchat is primarily a social media platform, the filters provided are often incredibly fun to use and you don’t need to actually send them via Snapchat to save and use them!

We’re a little weary of Snapchat though and tend to shy away from using it as of late. Those filters often downgrade the quality of the images and our brand virtually requires every image to be HD.

Photoshop Express

The mobile version of Photoshop! Now, I’ll be very upfront, it’s not as robust as the desktop version nor can you do about 60% of what you can do with the desktop, but in terms of quality, this is my current mobile go to.

Since I have an Adobe Creative Cloud Business license, I also get the premium features like blur and direct edits, but the pre-built templates are choice and in minutes you can make amazingly high quality images 100% on mobile. You can get Adobe Creative subscriptions for as little as $9.99/mo and get apps like PS Express and Pr Rush.

PS Express is also my mobile image watermarking app too! They have a lot of pre-installed fonts that you’ll also find in other programs, so brand consistency isn’t too much of a worry.

Probably the best feature in PS Express is the blemish removal tool! It’s basically the Stamp Tool from the desktop version of Photoshop, but a lot simpler! You simply click on a blemish (or any unwanted object really) and it finds replacement content for it instantly! It’s not always perfect, but it can definitely help! Oh… and yes, it works for larger “blemishes” like cats and wall outlets too!


This is actually the newest download into that folder and it’s an app I’ve just started playing with. Pixaloop is a Cinemagraph creation app. Basically it takes still images and adds subtle animation to said images to create slight movement in a still image. You’ll start to see it more as the years go on and I’m trying to jump onto that trend before it goes consumer! (wink wink, nudge nudge)

A Cinemagraph

Video Apps

There’s a lot of em! And each one has a very specific purpose. It’s not uncommon for Quinn and I to use 4-5 of these apps on 1 piece of content!

Premiere Rush

The mobile version of Adobe Premiere. It’s decent, but like PS Express, don’t go expecting it to do everything. This, unlike the rest of the apps, is a full video editor though, so it is definitely worth checking out.

It takes a while to get use to working with their sequencer, but you’ll get it in time! I mainly use this app when I have to do something on the fly and just can’t use my PC to make it happen. Definitely one to keep around if your primary editor starts acting up!

Quik, Splice, and GoPro

Going to hit all three of these at once since they’re a family. These are the GoPro capturing and editing applications! We film with a GoPro Hero 5 and these apps all come with it! You can download them independently, but to be honest, I’m not entirely sure about the costs associated with each. I know you can get Splice 100% for free, but I recall having to log in with my account on Quinn phone to bypass a paywall for Quik.

So the best part… the names kind of explain exactly what they’re used for!

Quick warning, a lot of these apps in this family do include music. Please note, it is NOT for commercial use, which means if you plan to monetize that video, do NOT use their music.

GoPro – This is the app to control the physical GoPro camera! So we set up the shot, turn on the camera, and use my phone as a monitor and remote to record. This is how we’re able to get those headcam shots for our “Be Like Bubble” POV series looking so clean!

Quik – Like the name implies, this is a quick and easy video editor. It’s robust enough to handle 4K content, but easy enough to use without ANY formal training! We don’t edit our videos with it. What we do, is use their “action” or “balanced” trim feature to create our ManyVids 20-29sec previews! This app basically seeks through the footage to find the most exciting moments across the clip and creates and instant trailer! Don’t want the trailer feature, go to each clip and tap ‘Trim.’ It defaults to Balanced, just switch it to manual and you’ll get the whole clip!

Splice – This is an awesome compilation editor and sometimes, I’ll use this over Premiere solely because of how quick it makes the process. You upload your clips, adjust the timings, and you’re done!

The biggest downside of the entire GoPro family is that there is no good way to watermark content inside of the apps. You can create titles, but that’s about it. You’ll need something else to make that happen, like this one!

WatermarkV (eZy Watermark Videos)

My go-to mobile video watermarking app! As you look on the app store, make sure you look for this specific version. This is the pro version and the free version limits you too much to use for this business. I don’t think I paid more then $5 for the pro version and it’s my go-to mobile watermarker! There’s dozens of options, hundreds of fonts, you can upload imagemarks for easier editing too!

Probably the best feature is the batch watermarker! You upload multiple pieces of content and watermark ALL of them in one go. The most we’ve ever done was 10 videos at once!

Record it!

Record it! is a basic phone screen recorder. Nothing really special here aside from it allows you to record you interacting with your own phone. Works great when you have to show someone how to do something specific on a mobile device!


Last on for the video apps! ImgPlay is a .gif creation app! Basically you add a clip, trim it, add some additional things like a sticker or watermark, and then export those gorgeous, engaging gifs everyone loves.

This one is worth the $3 paid version too! There’s a feature in the pro version that allows you to resize perfectly for Twitter so you never have to worry about content not fitting your timeline!

Social Media

They’re in there so I should include them. For social we use Twitter and Snapchat. I’m pretty sure you all understand both so we’ll just keep moving!

Marketing Apps

Whew… Y’all still with me? Good, cause we’ve got more to cover! Next up is the apps specifically used in our marketing applications! I’ll also briefly include my WordPress app here. is a WordPress Hosted site if you didn’t know and that’s simply the mobile app I use to post and check analytics from.


A really simple app, but worth understanding. We all want followers, it’s a reputation metric. It will always be secondary to engagement metrics, but it’s true, a higher following count denotes credibility. So a lot of people mutual follow each other. Well as you get into the thousands of followers, some people may drop off of your following list, but you’re still connected with them.

In marketing terms, this is called a “dead” or “ghost” follow. This app shows you who’s unfollowed you so you can do the same thing.

So a lot of you may think this is pretty stupid right? Why bother? Well the algorithm on Twitter is stacked and dead follows can result in your content not going as far as it should, especially if your following to followers ratio is heavily one sided (e.g. accounts who don’t follow anyone and accounts who follow more people then who follow them).

This app allows you to maintain some balance in that effort!


Canva is a quick and easy graphic design application. Even if you have no real graphic design understanding, Canva has built-in templates and makes it really simple to use!

We use Canva for things like Tip Menu’s and misc. text graphics. In fact a lot of the content I produce specifically for the Pornobot brand is made in Canva for the sheer convenience of that application.


Pexels is a cool app and website I use for my vanilla jobs, but I’ve also started doing content with it for Sex Work too. Basically, Pexels is free-to-use for commercial use images! You source the images and then can add text or other misc. content.

You’ll be seeing Pexels content a lot more in the Pornobot brand, we’re not using it too much for the Bubbl3andSqueak brand at the moment.


This app is everything to me. In my vanilla life I manage around 40 social media profiles for businesses, influencers of those businesses, and my own personal accounts (including the two sex work accounts @Porn0bot and @Bubbl3andSqueak).

What I do would not be possible without Hootsuite. Basically you add your social media accounts to the service and use it to schedule posts and tweets. You can also use Hootsuite to check your notifications and such and really never log into a platform directly again!

Personally, I like to work ahead of the current day so we schedule out our content about 2-3 weeks in advance and the daily stuff we do is just maintenance! It makes this job so much simpler when you don’t have to spend an excessive amount of time drafting tweets on the spot!

Misc. Apps

Home stretch everyone! Here are the other apps we’re using for Sex Work!

Google Chrome

While iPhones come pre-installed with Safari, we choose to separate our sex work from vanilla lives completely. Chrome is for Sex Work and Safari is for vanilla. This way I can show something on my phone to a vanilla person without worrying of what was last in my browser!


I’m not a big fan of the Twitter .gif search, instead I use Giphy to get those awesome reaction gifs we use in so much of our content!


Our email provider’s builtin app. I know we could set it up in our normal Mail app on iPhone, but like Chrome, we keep everything 100% separate!


Nothing beats cloud storage! We use Dropbox since I just flat out don’t trust Google Drive with our content. We pay $12 per month for 3TB of storage!

Google Calendar

Quinn and I are on a very, very rigid work/life routine. It’s honestly the only way we can get stuff done with everything we both manage. We use block scheduling and since Google Calendar works so well for this we’re using them as of late to manage our whole life!

I’ll even show you all how we do it! I’m purple, Quinn is green, and both of us are blue! Here’s what tomorrow looks like!

Google Docs

Google Docs is basically a script writer for us. We can collaborate on content on our own personal devices and review each others work. A great app for getting on the same page!


Uses pictures you take on your phone, cleans them up, and turns them into .pdf documents. This is a great tool when you’re Producers, like we are, as we have to deal with additional contracting for additional models. This speeds up that turnaround significantly!


This is an app provided by Google that connects to various services (Chaturbate is a great example of this!) and provides two-way authentication as an added layer of security. For instance, if you have this turned on with your Chaturbate account, someone could know your password and still be unable to access your account because they don’t have access to this app. It’s an amazing security tool!


Scrum project management, simplified! Trello is basically a scrum board to manage your projects. Not familiar with a scrum board? Basically you create a workflow, add tasks to that workflow, and then track those tasks across said workflow!

It’s a pretty straightforward app and it works great if you’re like us and have dozens of ideas a day, but never have enough time to film them all before you forget!


This is the mobile version of the website. Basically it gives me ammo when I call my ISP each month and complain about dropouts. With this evidence I often negotiate discounts and rewards because “I’m a home business and losing internet ruins my revenue streams.”


Last one! Reversee is a mobile reverse image search application. Don’t believe someone is who they say they are? There’s a chance their avi or other images might be elsewhere online. This is the quickest way to out a catfish or scammer too! You simply save an image, search with that image on the app, and that’s it!

And there you have it! There are the 28 mobile apps Quinn and I use almost weekly to manage our business! It’s not all of them though and there’s several more I’ll cover when I do part 2 to discuss PC applications!

Hope this was helpful! Have a lucrative day!

Evan | @Porn0bot

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