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Automating Sex Work:How to Save Time While Conducting Your Business – Part 1

Sex Work is a very time consuming business, that should be pretty apparent even if you have spent a single day in the industry. As you grow, so do the time constraints and demands. It can get incredibly overwhelming at times and it even gets worse when fans don’t fully understand the entire process we have to go through to make the content they love so much.

Time is money. Wasted time means wasted money means trouble.

Shirley Temple

Add in a personal life, maybe a family, and periods of inactivity due to things like self-care days or emergencies and Sex Work really starts to consume the entire clock!

So what can we do? Are we going to have to constantly be working 16+ hour days just to keep everything afloat?

Today we’re going to talk about automating the Sex Work marketing process using some tools, tricks, and workarounds Quinn and I have developed for @Bubbl3AndSqueak over the years!

What’s the Point

I know a lot of people find a method they enjoy using for their brands and businesses, but as the market evolves and changes many brands are unchangeable and they loose their relevancy as time goes on. Further, if you’re spending all your time maintaining your business instead of innovating, disrupting, and growing your business, you will plateau and feel unable to get ahead of where you currently are.

I’m a relatively lazy person. I’m also incredibly driven and have amazingly lofty goals! So rather then looking for ANY way to do a specific thing, I’ll often research the most timely or efficient!

The goal is to get through the boring, but extremely needed, tasks to get back to the things we love the most (interacting with fans, selling content, prospecting and qualifying new buyers, etc.).

Automation is often where I head to. I like when my technology works for me! Small, simple things can often save hours in total! It’s pretty insane how something as small as creating a logomark or pre-scheduling video releases can make you generally more productive and efficient!

And now you know how condoms are made. Isn’t learning and automation fun!

So let’s get into it!


You may not think about this while you’re doing it, but watermarking content is a lengthy process when you realize that you add about 5-20 seconds each time you have to do this! I’m mainly going to focus on images, but just touch briefly on videos.

It takes me, on average, 5-7 minutes to edit 1 image in Adobe Photoshop and another 2-3 minutes in Lightroom for additional effects. So each image we do is about 7-10 minutes in total. A set of 10 images takes between 70-100 minutes (1-1.5 hours). We are currently working on a 120+ image photoset, it’s going to take a few hours. Now add 20 seconds to each image and you’ve added ~40 minutes of the process, just to watermark content! ANY time we can save from this process is time we can invest elsewhere to make more sales.

Videos are the same issue! When I stretch a watermark across a 10 minute video, I’m adding another layer of content to the video. This process increases my rendering time by ~10-15%. The more effects and details, the longer process it becomes! We recently did this Oni review video on a toy from The video is less then 15 minutes, but because of the amount of production I put into it, that <15 minute video took 2 hours to render and export. Just to render and export! I’m not even talking editing, just my PC working to produce a completed video to watch, before it exports. That’s 2 hours I’m unable to use my PC to do anything else as all the processing power goes into bouncing the video.

So how can we speed this up? What can we do to make this process, watermarking, move quicker? Well we can get our technology to work for us, starting with creating a standardized watermark!

Lettermark vs. Logomark

A lettermark is a logo when the business/brand name is still legible. It’s a bit different from a logomark, which is just an image that identifies a brand, but does not directly state it.

For instance, these are lettermarks:

Images shown are registered marks of the various brands presented. I do not own or represent any aspect of these images or brands.

Whereas these are logomarks:

Images shown are registered marks of the various brands presented. I do not own or represent any aspect of these images or brands.

Either one can be incredibly helpful in speeding up your process! Here is the lettermark that Quinn and I use with our @Bubbl3AndSqueak brand.

It’s simple, has our brand colors and some extra elements like bubbles and a “clean shine” to theme it to our brand. Now that I have this though, watermarking gets really easy! Now that we have either a logomark or lettermark, we can batch watermark!

Batching Watermarks in Photoshop

A lot of people, when they first use Photoshop, take each individual image and adjust a watermark for each one. There is, however, a much more efficient way you can get a watermark quickly applied to a set of images!

Photoshop Actions

One of the more advanced features in Photoshop is the ability to record a set of actions and instantly run them on one or multiple images. Whether you’re editing 10 images quickly or batching 100+ images, this action feature can save you tons of time!

What we’re going to do is record 2 actions in Photoshop and I’ll show you how to apply each one to the specific need.

Single Image Watermark

First up is the basic watermark action. I recommend doing this on an already edited image to save yourself some time and to make sure it looks good against your standard editing styles.

Creating the Action

To create a new action in Photoshop:

1. Start by heading to the ‘Window‘ tab, then select ‘Actions.’ A new pane will appear.

2. At the bottom of that select the Group Folder icon to create a “New Set.” Name this something appropriate (e.g. Watermark). Select ‘OK

3. Click the “New Action” icon (next to the Group Folder) and name it something appropriate (e.g. Watermark Single).

As you add actions, the list of recorded actions will grow!

4. Click “Record.” Everything you now do will be recorded as a series and saved to this action.

5. Import your watermark (or create one via the text tools) and edit the size, location, and even the effects like opacity, drop shadow, etc.

6. Once done, select the ‘Stop’ icon, near the Group Folders in the Actions window pane.

Applying the Action

To apply the newly created action to an image:

  1. Select the top layer of the project (even if it’s an adjustment layer). Click and highlight the ‘Watermark‘ (or whatever you named it) action we just created in the previous list, in the Actions window pane (You may need to reopen the pane, Windows > Actions).
  2. Select the Play icon.
  3. The action will recreate itself and apply to the new image!
From L to R: Stop, Record, Play, Group Folder, New Action, Delete.

Batch Watermark

So there’s the quicker way of doing a single watermark in Photoshop, where you don’t have to recreate it each time! Now let’s save even more time and batch an entire photoset!

Creating the Action

To create a new action in Photoshop:

  1. Repeat step 1-5 of the previous creation steps (You can also edit the existing action we created or duplicate it, but I recommend doing this as a separate action. Give this a new name like Watermark Batch).
  2. Add this final step to the action series, Go to ‘File‘ and select ‘Save As.’
  3. Select the final save type (I recommend JPEG or PNG) and save it anywhere on your PC.
  4. Now click the ‘Stop‘ icon in the Action window pane.

What this does is tells Photoshop to apply the watermark and instantly save the watermarked image to your chosen location!

Applying the Action

To apply the newly created batch action to a set of images:

  1. Go to the ‘File‘ tab and navigate to ‘Automate,’ then select ‘Batch.’
  2. A new window will appear. Under the ‘Play‘ heading, select the Watermark Batch action we just created.
  3. Under the ‘Source‘ heading navigate to the location that has your set of images in it. Keep this source type as a Folder.
  4. Under ‘Destination‘ select the final save location of the new images.
  5. Make sure the ‘Override Action “Save As” Commands’ box is checked.
  6. Select ‘OK
  7. You’ll see every image open and close on the screen. Once done, it’ll revert to the screen you started on.
  8. Head to your save location and make sure everything is looking good!

Batching Watermarks on Mobile

Mobile users, fear not! There are ways to still have this level of convenience right there on your mobile devices as well!

There are dozens of apps and tools to use to do this quickly, but for time’s sake, I’m only going to cover the one Quinn and I currently use for @Bubbl3AndSqueak. I covered this in a recent post about the various apps Quinn and I are using, but I highly recommend the eZy Watermark apps for this!

There’s tons of watermark apps, so look for this icon!

Both the eZy Watermark Photo and eZy Watermark Video are phenomenal apps that I believe do a great job of getting this process done efficiently. Each app has a “Lite” version and a “Pro” version. Lite is free, but limited, whereas Pro is $5.99 for each app ($11.98 in total).

I recommend investing the $12 if you’re a Sex Worker who mainly operates with mobile devices. What I like about this app is the ability to add images and text to your content and then save those images and/or text as templates (similar to Photoshop Actions). Then you just have to select the template every time you need a new image or video watermarked.

The batch watermarking feature is pretty straight forward too! Just tap all the image, or videos, you need marked, select the template you want to use, and let the app do the rest!

Word of warning, it’s a pretty battery consuming process so I recommend plugging your charger in! If your phone/tablet auto-locks during it, there is a chance the app might close (especially if you’re in “Low Power Mode” on iPhone).

Stay Tuned for Part 2

As I proofed through the Watermarking section, I realized it’s A LOT of information, so I’m breaking this into 2 parts. Part 2 is mostly done already so it’ll be released ASAP.

In that part we’ll cover automating the video release process on ManyVids using Hootsuite (or any social media scheduler) and speeding up customer interactions!

Have a lucrative day!
Evan | @Porn0Bot

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