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Automating Sex Work: How to Save Time While Conducting Your Business – Part 2

Alright! Let’s do Part 2!

Part 1 may save you only 1-2 hours per week, depending on how much content you produce weekly, but here’s a couple tips that will save you between 5-10 hours a week!

If you missed Part 1, check it out here!
In Part 2, today, we’re going to cover 2 things:

  1. How to preschedule video releases AND marketing content to simultaneously push at a specific time automatically.
  2. How to standardized and automate initial fan and timewaster interactions to speed the process along.

Let’s start with video scheduling!

Why Schedule Releases?

So I know this might sound weird, but it’s counter-intuitive to release a piece of content as soon as it’s ready to go! Let me explain.

As soon as the content is released, you become limited in what you can do with it! If you hold your content until planned days you now have the ability to pre-market to generate additional buzz, position your social handles to push the content further, plan your word choice and imagery, etc.

Once something goes to market, it’s “released” from you in a sense. The biggest aspect of this is the price point.

Once something goes to market you can easily lower a price without your audience batting an eye, but if you try to raise a non-subscription price your audience will rebel.

Lastly, you schedule releases because sometimes you don’t want to deal with the rush of needing to push content. When you rush, the likelihood of making a mistake is significant. If you plan things and approach them methodically, you’ll have success.

Quinn and I schedule everything on our @Bubbl3AndSqueak brand. In fact, many times we’re scheduled out 3-4 weeks ahead of ourselves! This allows us to develop the peripheral content to create the most value we possibly can out of each release while maintaining minimal stress!

The Video Release Pipeline

So in order for this automation to work, you need an established pipeline. I’m going to share how Quinn and I approach every single video we release. We average 3-4 releases per week so having a plan in place makes the pipeline smooth! Oh, and the items in ‘blue’ are all the things we automate! Here we go!


Before we can shoot anything, we plan it our thoroughly. This includes any scripting, prop sourcing, lighting design, etc. we possibly need. Also, this includes hair/makeup/costumes as well.

Making porn is 70% planning, 20% editing, and like 10% actual sex content! – PornoBot

Pre-Shoot and Shoot

Next for us is the actual shoot. During the shoot we try to snap several pieces of behind the scenes content for our MVCrush and/or other outlets for our fans. We also tweet and tell people we are shooting! This starts the pre-buzz process.

Post-Shoot First Look and Pre-Buzz

The first look is one of the most important. It’s a first baseline at who’s going to be interested in this specific piece of content. We generally schedule this to release the day after a shoot or even later that same day. We take note of which fans interact with the first look and then develop the rest of the campaign around those fan’s demographics and interests.

Post-Production and BTS Looks

While the video is being edited, we often keep scheduling content about or around the video release. These are things talking about how “hot” the new release is going to be or how doing a specific action in the video release was or felt as well!

Pre-Orders and Pre-Sales

On select releases, we offer pre-orders to our fans for small discounts of what the price points would be (10-25% off). They don’t receive the video until it goes live, but it’s an awesome way to make another touch with your fanbase before a release.

Release Day

Release day is a unique day, since the video releases at a specific time, we schedule a tweet to simultaneously be released at the same time too with a link to the content. We often will schedule a second tweet about the same content for a different demographic later. For instance, if the content is a blowjob facial our first post might be tailored to “cum-lovers” whereas our second post might be tailored to “deep throat fans.”

Content Touches 1-7

Quinn and I will market a piece of copy about 7 times before “putting it to bed,” it doesn’t get deleted or removed, but we know that after 7 looks our audience risks ad-blindness and we need to focus on new copy. Tweets 1-7 about a video release are all automated!

See all that blue up there? That’s all actions that we, generally speaking, pre-plan and schedule to release! In doing so we don’t have to stress about our content posts and instead can focus on engaging with fans and maintaining our affinity score in the Twitter Algorithm.

Scheduling Video Releases

I have never liked rushing copy to release. You sit there for minutes trying to think of the perfect 140-280 characters to share this content on and when creativity is rushed it often appears forced and lackluster.

When you schedule everything in advance, your business can start to run itself! So we’re going to do exactly that! First, we’re going to schedule a video release on ManyVids (This may work on other sites, but we’ll focus only on them right now).

When you go to upload a new video. Look for this in the settings!

That’s it! All you have to do is select the toggle switch and select a specific date/time. Note, ManyVids will actually use your respective time zone for this release. So this video is now going to release tomorrow, Dec. 11 at 10a (UTC-5:00)

Automating Video Promotion

So you have your video scheduled out, but let’s take it a step further and automate a promo tweet to drop simultaneously and automatically when the video goes live! (You can do this on any platform available in your content scheduler, but I’m focusing on Twitter for this)

To do this, we need to utilize a social media scheduler application; like Hootsuite or Crowdfire. I’m partial to Hootsuite and that’s what I’ll show you, but just know all of the schedulers will be able to do this!

Once you’ve scheduled a video on ManyVids and click save, you’re taken to the MV Content Manager (you can also find this from the menu; My MV > Content Manager).

Look at the top for the blue text of “Launched” and click the arrow next to it. Then clicked “Scheduled.” It’ll show you your upcoming releases, like this!

We only have 3 scheduled right now and one is an exclusive custom I can’t publicly show, but you’ll see every video you have in you release calendar!

Here is where you can edit those releases if you need to! Just click the 3 Vertical Dots on the right to get that menu!

Wait a sec!? ‘Tweet’ is in that menu… But it’s not released yet! How could you tweet something unreleased?

Well, once you schedule a video release on ManyVids, a URL link is instantly generated as part of the process. That means that the video exists on their site, but they are not allowing anyone to access said video until the specific day/time. Let’s use this to our advantage!

Click on ‘Tweet.’ A new window will open on Twitter connected to your handle that looks like this.

Not logged in right now so this might appear different to you.

Notice the URL in that tweet? That’s what we need! Go ahead and highlight/copy that link.

(Note: You can also access this URL if you click on ‘Edit‘ in the menu on ManyVids as well. I just personally enjoy doing it this way).

Remember, that’s a live URL link, but no one can access that webpage until the video goes live. If you accidentally send it out, no big deal, the link just redirects to the MV homepage.

Now, open your scheduler. I’m using Hootsuite.

Create a new post and schedule it to coincide with the day/time of your video release! Click on ‘Schedule.’

Now tomorrow (12/10) at 10am EDT (UTC-5:00) our video link will become active AND a promotional post will be sent from the handle notifying our fans of the new content! Now I can be at work, having a day off, whatever, and I know my new content is getting sent out without me having to bother with it.

When you automate this process you will save literally hours each week thinking of new tweets! What I like to do is schedule 5-7 tweets for each video that is about to release, before anyone even knows it’s coming! That way we just have to sit back and respond/direct our traffic instead of pushing our creativity, and stress, to its limit!

Isn’t automation fun! At the most, we’ve prescheduled an entire month of video releases and simultaneous tweets! It made this past November our most productive, efficient, and highest selling month yet!

Auto-Text Replacement

Quick shout out to the lovely @pine_katherine for this tip. She sent it to us about a year ago and we still use it daily!

Now, word of warning, you don’t want to use this with returning and regular buyers. Invest the time in these fans and the rewards will be greater!

You DO, however, want to use this for initial contacts.

What we’re going to do is reprogram the auto-correct text feature found on most mobile devices to speed up the qualifying and initial contact process to weed out a timewaster or cultivate a buyer! Let’s do it!

Standardize Your Initial Messaging

First order of business, you need to standardize some messaging to make this process work. You’ll be able to alter it after it’s set up, but this is the most time-consuming process of this tip.

Think of all the interactions you have daily and come up with a stock response. For instance:

Best part of the above? I wrote that response in 2 seconds by inputting a code word I have set up on my phone!

Let me show you how!

Draft your text before you start replacing it!

Automating Your Text

I have an iPhone X so I’m going to use this as a baseline, I’m sure Android and Google (and older/newer Apple) phones can do the same thing, but I don’t know the specifics.

I like to draft all of my messaging in the Notes App on iPhone. It makes things really accessible. You also want to draft it long form first. When you go to input it, your field of vision is pretty limited. Make sure to save your notes! Now, copy the text for the standardized message.

Open your ‘Settings‘ and find ‘General.’ Tap it.

Find and tap ‘Keyboard.’

Tap ‘Text Replacement

In the top right corner look for the ‘+‘ symbol.

In the ‘Phrase‘ input field, paste the desired standardized message you want to use and in the ‘Shortcut‘ field write a memorable code or sequence. Since this is about our MVCrush promo message 1 of 4, I have it labelled “MVC1.”

There is no limit to how many shortcuts you can make!

Now, go into ANY app, like Twitter or even ManyVids, on your mobile browser, that has a text box and type your code sequence.

See how it’s showing the tail end of the URL in there?

If you enter the shortcut properly, the middle auto-replace option will revert to show the replacement you entered!

Tap the middle box, ‘Space,’ or ‘Enter/Return’ and the text will auto-populate in the field! Now you just have to hit send and it’s done!

I hit ‘Enter’ and this is what happens!

Edit 12/30/2019: Thank you to @ko_cloverava for this!
To do this same thing on Samsung phones:
Go to Settings > Smart Typing > Text Shortcuts > Add
This has been tested on Android Version 8.1.0.

No more thinking about how to respond to initial contacts! Automate it and save yourself some time/headaches!

I’ll say it again, do NOT do this will returning/existing fans, they will feel unimportant to you (unless that’s your brand), but this is how we respond to virtually every random and cold DM we get. 1-2 standardized messages, then, depending on their response, we either send them DND1 (Short for Do Not Distrub; a shortcut which explains how we’re no longer responding and why) or we actively step in and begin the real conversation to make a sale.

You never want to be fake when using automation like this, but if some asshole wants to waste your time, this minimizes how long you have to spend with them. Just quickly qualify them via standardized messaging and move on past them if they’re unqualified.

I love automation. It’s what keeps things innovative at a brand POV. When your mundane tasks are managed by technology you can invest your time more heavily into furthering your business!

When we invest in automation we can see almost immediate results! Between standardized messaging and pre-scheduling releases/marketing posts we ~10 extra hours every single week! That’s 10 hours we can now invest in growing the brand or connecting more personally to our fans!

Don’t fear automation, embrace it!

Have a lucrative day!
Evan | @Porn0Bot

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