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Selling the Experience, Not the Product

At the beginning of the month, I asked my Twitter followers to vote on which posts I was going to start this year with and the majority of voters said they wanted some direct sales advice.

I completely understand that. Marketing and sales kind of go hand in hand in the business world. In fact, one of my biggest issues of the vanilla world is how a lot of businesses use job titles like “Marketing Representative” or “Marketing Account Manager” to mask a sales position to generate more interest in it.

So I’ve been doing digital marketing for 10+ years, but during that time I’ve also done my fair share of direct sales/sales training as well! In fact, one of my first jobs out of college was door to door sales, then Erectile Dysfunction Medication, followed by investment sales in Oil/Gas, Medical Devices, and Mining (Precious Metal Investments). I’ve been doing cutthroat sales for about ~7 years alongside my marketing efforts. Sales is in my blood and I really am excited about getting to talk sales!

One of my duties in the vanilla job I have is to train our sales team and manage their success. So I’m going to pretend that you’re all new-hires and today is your first day! This is how I train EVERY sales rep I work with, no matter what shot they’re taking. This is usually a 4-hour session, but I’m going to consolidate it down to a 15-min read and 8-min video clip! Let’s do it!

No One Likes to Be Sold…

…But everyone NEEDS to be sold to. If you don’t remember anything else from this post. Remember that line. That was taught to me by my sales trainer about 7 years ago and it haunts me to this day.

No one likes to be sold, but everyone NEEDS to be sold to!

Even if you have content in a digital store like ManyVids or AP Clips, I do not believe you are a “store.” See a store requires things like product knowledge, price tags, etc. I believe you’re much more than that!

I believe Sex Workers sell an experience! That requires things like differentiation, effective branding, and adaptive sales approaches to meet buyers on their various levels!

Expecting someone to know product knowledge in a sea of competition is a a pretty futile pursuit, in my opinion.

How many times have you dealt with a sales rep? Maybe during your last car purchase? Maybe at a high-end/specialty clothing store? Maybe walking past a kiosk at your local mall?

As annoying as they may be, there’s a reason why they do it: it works.

See the average human being has things they like and things they don’t like in this world. Often, it’s incredibly difficult for anyone to step outside of their comfort zone and try or buy something new or different. That’s the whole reason why salespeople exist. They are the “experts” that convert people into buyers of their products.

I put “experts” in quotes, because at the end of the day, they aren’t really experts in their field, but rather they know enough experiential selling, product differentiation, and conversation skills to sell a product. Any product. Literally anything.

Note: I don’t consider telemarketing, “sales”. Telemarketing is scripted selling and sales should be a natural process! You can still do AMAZING phone sales without being a script reader!

Jay-Z says it best!

“I sell ice in the winter, I sell fire in hell
I am a hustler baby, I’ll sell water to a well “

Jay-Z, “The Hustler”

A true seller is willing and ready to take any shot that comes across their plate. It’s more about a person’s attitude than their skill set.

Sales is actually the one of, if not the largest job market in the US, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, with about 14+ million sales people working in some type of sales capacity.

“A Guy Don’t Walk On the Lot Lest He Wants to Buy”

I love sales movies like Moneyball, Boiler Room, and The Goods: Live Hard Sell Hard. The above comes from the iconic sales movie, “Glengarry Glen Ross.” Alec Baldwin deliveries such an amazing monologue and performance to 3 failing sales reps in the real estate investment sales game.

Quick warning, there’s a LOT of aggressive and vulgar language in this including one homophobic slur. This movie was released in 1992 and while that was only 28 years ago, we have evolved so much as a society away from language like this.

I also will say that sales used to be a heavily male-dominated field, which has since started to balance out, so I know a lot of that messaging and imagery is tailored towards men. I just ask that you keep an open mind as you watch!

But here it is, the famous “Coffee is for Closers” monologue.

I request my sales-hires at my vanilla job to watch this entire movie. It’s actually (as silly as this sounds) the main reason I drive a Cadillac and give out Steak Knives as wedding/birthday presents! The cast is amazing; Al Pacino is also in this, but he’s conducting a sale during this monologue. Today we’re going to talk about the 2 things Blake (Baldwin) brings up in this speech. These are the two pillars of sales.

The ABCs of Sales

Always. Be. Closing. If you’ve ever had a sales job, I almost guarantee you’ve heard that line before. It’s often the first thing a new salesperson is taught.

But what does it mean?

Well, a conversation in the world of sales is less about talking/listening, but rather pushing towards the desired outcome; closing the sale. Virtually everything you do and say during the sales process should be aiming or redirecting back for the sale!

For instance, if someone comes into your DMs with a generic “hey” message and you don’t respond with a link to content or push for a sale, you’re leaving money on the table (another sales idiom which means walking away from opportunity).

I’m not saying every message will be a sale. There’s a qualifying process you should go through to determine if something is worth pursuing. I’ll be covering that in part 2!

Everything you do and say should be leading someone back to the desired outcome. You can’t discredit someone as a “timewaster” if you’re not going to take the effort to make a sale with them. If they ignore you completely then they become a timewaster, but until they have proven no interest in the sale they’re still fair game.

Develop your research skills, that’s the secret here. When we have a new fan or prospective sale, we head to their profile on Twitter and/or ManyVids and see what they’ve been buying and engaging with. Then we respond to the message and direct them to those specific items which most likely meet their standards and expectations.

As you approach your conversations in the future Always Be Closing every chance you get. Often I’ll go for a close 4-5 times before I completely ignore and ghost someone in our DMs. By that point, my likelihood of closing is <1% and my time is much more valuable.


So back in the 90s, this meant exactly what Baldwin says in the monologue:

After the birth of the internet and digital sales, this changed to:
Attention (Attraction)

It’s important to note why this has evolved. Consumers are typically smarter in the 21st century. Many of you are too young to know the world before the internet. Admittedly, I was really young when the technology boom hit, but I do remember both sides of the coin.

Research required going to the library. Price shopping required going from store to store with newspaper ads and negotiating between various vendors. This is why the majority of people over 30 years old, who actively buy porn, still expect a significant amount of interaction prior to making a sale. It was the peak of brand loyalty.

So let’s go through each topic here:


By approaching you through a post on Twitter or another platform you’ve gained someone’s attention already, but you have yet to harness their interest in your brand.

Attention is someone looking over at you. That’s it. They may be attracted to you, but they probably aren’t truly interested just yet. It’s up to you to cultivate that interest.


This is 100% up to you. To develop interest in a brand you must cultivate an expectation of your brand inside someone’s mind. That expectation is their interest in you. We have buyers that are only interested with Quinn because she’s a squirter, has this really bubbly personality, etc. Then we have fans interested in us because of our couple dynamic and real approach to this business. I also have my own fans as a solo male! Each one of these buyers gets a personalized experience specifically designed to cater to their fantasies and desires!

To develop someone’s interest in you, you MUST put in the work to make it happen. Otherwise you’re throwing spaghetti at the wall and hoping something sticks.

There’s a reason people who study and understand consumer behaviors rise to the top in a business while those who simply release content plateau. Once you have someone’s true interest you can acquire their desire.


Again, this used to be “Decision,” but as the consumer has evolved this had to evolve too. Desire is taking an expectation and turning it into an experience that the prospect can’t live without.

That is the true secret to sales. Literally anyone can release content or product. It’s not hard at all. The difference between rising to the top of your industry and maintaining the status quo is your ability to gain someone’s desire for you and your brand directly.

This alone is why I ignore the (most) mass calls for blocks for “timewasters” on Twitter. What you consider to be a timewaster may eventually become one of my buyers and I’ve had significant success in cultivating a desire in many of these people. Ultimately, it requires you to understand how to convert a buyer.


Have a direct path to conversion and directly lead your buyers there. If you expect people to convert themselves you’re going to miss out on a lot of business!

Let me explain. We’re looking at porn and there is literally millions of videos available and a lot of them are “free” or “unverified.” If you cannot demonstrate why a person should pull out their wallet and buy from you with branding and sales efforts, you can’t be disappointed when they don’t purchase from you.

This is getting pretty long so I think I’m going to pause here and work on the part 2 for this. During the next part we’ll talk about some more aggressive sales tactics like FUGI (Fear of Loss, Sense of Urgency, Greed, and Indifference). We’ll also discuss qualifying prospects and recognizing buying signals and phrases that you need to understand in order to go for conversion (e.g. any time someone mentions money or costs directly, you better be prepared to convert directly).

Have a lucrative day!
Evan | @Porn0Bot

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